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Talk About Remarkable Content: Hubspot Coaching Sessions

hubspot coaching remarkable content

The creation of remarkable content is one of the very best ways to get found online.

I understand that not all business models are based solely on the creation of remarkable content. But these guys' business is. Check out this clip by Sherpa Cinema of JP Auclair filmed in Trail, Rossland, and Nelson, BC.

How To Catch More Fish With Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing is like fishing

Let me share a story with you....

I grew up on the ocean- surfing, water skiing, and sailing. Anything to be in or on the water. Over the years, I traveled the globe seeking waves that were larger than your "run of the mill" New Hampshire surf. Being on the water all the time, I eventually got into fishing.

Create Calls to Action Like An Inbound Marketing Ninja

inbound marketing and Hubspot coaching

Follow These 6 Steps and You Will Become the Mr. Miyagi of Calls to Action.

3 Inbound Marketing Methods That Will Guarantee More Leads

inbound marketing, Hubspot consulting

In a digital age that focuses heavily on helping consumers dodge traditional marketing efforts, inbound marketing strategies can help give your small business an edge over the competition. Inbound marketing, when done right, has the potential to draw highly targeted traffic to your virtual door step, and it doesn’t involve casting a huge net in the hopes of catching your customers off guard.

5 Ways To Totally Suck at Lead Nurturing

internet marketing agency Portsmouth NH

Here's a simple guide to how-not-to-mess-up your social media and internet marketing. Anyone ready to learn can avoid these mistakes by listening and paying attention to how to effectively nurture every lead.

7 Key Elements of a Great Landing Page

internet marketing Portsmouth NH

A landing page is an essential element for the success of any web marketing campaign.

A landing page is the website page that people get directed to when they click on an advertising message. The design of a landing page is very important – it can either capture the interest of visitors or make them leave the website quickly. The manner in which the landing page is structured will determine the effectiveness of the internet marketing campaign.

7 Apps Every Marketer Should Use

internet marketing
Smartphones have added to the technology that the Internet has offered marketers and has placed it in the palm of each customer's hand. Millions of apps are available and many are utilized for inbound marketing. Eight of the top apps are arguably all a business owner needs.

1. Evernote: Life Organizer

Whenever an idea comes to a person who has the Evernote app, she can jot down the idea while on the go. With many marketers choosing to post blogs to increase the company's exposure, a solid idea can mean the difference between attracting readers and a blog not being read by anyone. If a business owner doesn't have the means to document the idea when she is on the go, the idea can be lost. The Evernote app allows her to organize her thoughts into folders. The app essentially saves marketers from having to carry around a note pad and pen. The app can also sync to her computer or iPad so she can transfer the information quickly without needing to rewrite.  

2. Instagram: For Memories

Electronic photos were at once unheard of, but then people began uploading them to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, to name a few. The process of posting the photos on various websites was time consuming. With Instagram, photos are uploaded immediately to all the social networking sites the marketer wants, which can save him a lot of time. Each user can also comment on the photos from their smartphone. The app is exclusive to iPhone users and allows the business owner to market his business campaign by keeping everyone in his social networking group in the loop. Or, he can showcase his products instantly to streamline inbound marketing. 

3. Yelp: Helping Make Decisions

The Yelp app helps users decide which business or site to go to. The app gives the user a review of the business or site and lets him know if it is open. The user only has to hold the phone to access a view of all the businesses in the vicinity. But this app doesn't stop at providing information for the consumer, a business person can post his company on the app for inclusion in the program, which could generate additional business. The owner can encourage customers to write reviews to promote the operation.

If You Are Not Using Hubspot’s New Prospect Tool You Are In The Dark

inbound marketing Portsmouth New Hampshire

Last night was the first Portsmouth New Hampshire Hubspot Users Group.

In my opinion it was a great success. We had about a dozen in attendance. The attendees were a blend of Hubspot customers, Hubspot customers to be, and Hubspot partners. We were joined by Hubspot’s very own Senior Inbound Marketing Consultant, Mark Kilens (who’s favorite cheese is goat cheese), Rick Roberge, of Kurlan Associates, and Carole Mahoney a Portland Mainde based inbound marketing guru. Following a brief “around the horn” introduction we continued into a Hubspot product demo presented by Mark Kilens on Hubspot’s newly improved Prospects tool.

Hubspot and Coors Light: A Match Made in Heaven.

inbound marketing portsmouth nh

I've been involved in several start ups over the last decade. Some I wish I could forget. Some I can't stop thinking about. I almost always wore the hat of the sales/marketing/brand identity guy. These roles are often regarded as the same position in a start up.

1,000 Inbound Marketers Converge On Boston for HUGS 2011

inbound marketing agency portsmouth nh

Last week, over 1,000 Inbound Marketers converged on Boston to meet, learn, and have an absolute blast together. 

I attended this event and it really was a BLAST!! It was great to meet in person so many of the people that I have been following and learning from for the past year. My brain was like a sponge for 3 days. 

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